Now Available: NIGHT WRAITH is Unleashed

Today is the official release date of our new novel, NIGHT WRAITH. She’s out, completely unleashed on the world, so I thought I’d share a secret.

NIGHT WRAITH is a love letter of sorts.

It’s a love letter to the small town where I went to high school – Woodland Park, Colorado – and a love letter to the monster fiction and horror movies I enjoyed so much during those years.

NIGHT WRAITH by Christopher Fulbright & Angeline Hawkes. Cover art by Vincent Sammy. Published June 2016 by SST Publications.

NIGHT WRAITH by Christopher Fulbright & Angeline Hawkes. Cover art by Vincent Sammy. Published June 2016 by SST Publications.

Occult horror? Check.

Vengeful supernatural creature? Check.

Angst and frustration? Fear and lust? Heartbreak and hope and all the colors of dread?

Allow me to nod gravely. From my heart to yours, I expect you’ll see where I’m coming from here.

This tics the boxes of all of my favorite things in monster fiction. Writing it was a fine journey into dark places, illuminated in unexpected places by the occasional bright spots of humanity.

Seems hard to imagine in this day and age. Amoral narcissists and demagogues are running for president. The ultimate evil guns down our fellow countrymen and women, our children and mothers and fathers in the sacred places we once thought were safe.  These are tough times.  But love and kindness … that still happens, now and then. That’s important.

Fiction has to be an escape, but it’s a reflection of us, and as such, that reflection has to tell the truth. But escapism is the key to a good book.

That said, I think we managed to do a good job of having likeable characters to whom we all can relate, dealing with life’s tough problems: love lost, broken hearts, the passing of loved ones, the tangled mysteries of a past that haunts us. There’s a multi-layered plot, violence and kindness, hate and love, jocks and stoners, witches and cops … and did I mention a creature that hearkens back to the beloved horrors of my teenage years?  I did. Yep. Check.

As a longtime fan of horror fiction, I strive to write the kind of fiction I’d love to read. I feel like we’ve done so here, where a love of pulp horror dips its toe into the shallow end of literary horror. I hope readers will find we’ve struck a balance.

I admit that some artifacts of my past lay in the pages of NIGHT WRAITH. A close friend of mine’s truck – well-endowed with a powerful sound system – gets a cameo in the opening scene.  The song playing on the stereo is an early Pantera tune few people have probably heard.  The party spot in the woods is Rainbow Falls, where many a keg was drained and many a bonfire threw embers to the midnight skies. There’s a Bathory reference near the end that means something to me. Rick’s Flicks was a real place where we rented horror movies on VHS. The neighborhoods, businesses, and high school are modeled after places in Woodland Park. I expect friends who read the book will pick up on these references and – I hope – break into a knowing grin.

But you don’t have to know the place to open the pages of NIGHT WRAITH and go back with us. You’ll get it. If we’ve done our jobs well, you’ll feel like you’ve been there yourself.

And although you may enjoy your visit, by the time it’s all said and done, you may never want to go back. But that’s okay, right? This is all in good fun. It’s horror fiction, after all.

So join us for a journey back to the winters of youth, where the landscape is alive with everything we’ve all struggled with as teens and adults alike. The landscape is breathtaking, the love is fresh and new. But here the past rises from a shallow grave … summoned by witchcraft, reaching out from The Beyond.

But wait – you look a little worried about that last bit. There’s nothing to fear. Not really. Not unless you scare easily.

You don’t, do you?

No, I can tell you’re of stouter stuff than that.  Never mind the flickering shadow of someone you saw out of the corner of your eye in an empty house. Never mind the rumors of something vicious and unspeakable stalking the night. Never mind that old house atop the hill, the rumor of an old witch that hides behind moldering drapes … never mind the rumors of the things she’s done, or what she brought to bear against the world that did her wrong.

You’ll be okay.  It’s all in good fun.

Ready now? Check.

Get your tickets to the show:

NIGHT WRAITH Hardcovers Now Available for Pre-order

Cover art for the Signed Limited Edition Hardcover of NIGHT WRAITH. Art by Vincent Sammy.

Cover art for the Signed Limited Edition Hardcover of NIGHT WRAITH. Art by Vincent Sammy.

We’re happy to announce that the new Fulbright & Hawkes novel, NIGHT WRAITH, is now available for pre-order, with publication planned for this Spring. The books are available for pre-order in two editions, a trade hardcover and a signed limited edition hardcover, both with amazing cover art by Vincent Sammy. The final book layout will feature stunning wraparound art on the dust jackets and high quality book construction. The limited edition is competitively priced compared to other specialty publishers. We’re very excited to work with SST on this project, knowing we can guarantee that collectors and readers who prefer hardcover formats will be duly pleased with the quality of this book. The pre-order page is up and running at the SST Publications website here: NIGHT WRAITH Pre-orders.

About the novel: 

Something inhuman is slaughtering teens in the small town of Carson Lake. Police Chief Gavin Wagner knows more than he wants to admit, but when he can no longer deny that a secret from his past compels the thing that stalks the night, Gavin must face the truth or lose everything he loves.

Years ago, Gavin protected his daughter Carly from the full truth about her mother’s suicide. Talk of covens and the occult wouldn’t have done his little girl any good in her time of grief. He did it to help them heal, to help them move on. But now that Carly has blossomed into a beautiful young woman, dark forces have awakened, and his omission of truth may cost them their lives.

As Gavin strives to end the growing horror, desperately seeking people and clues that have disappeared beneath shrouds of mystery, Carly’s world is shaken, astir with strange manifestations, ghostly visitations, and the allure of witchcraft. Gavin must overcome his personal demons and find the answers he seeks in time to save them all from the thing that’s coming, reaching out from beyond, lurking in black shadows, hungry for blood and revenge . . .


THE DEVIL BEHIND ME Now Available in Paperback


THE DEVIL BEHIND ME by Fulbright & Hawkes. Now available in paperback.

Our novella THE DEVIL BEHIND ME was published by Dark Regions Press two years ago as part of their Digital Exclusive line. We were happy to work with them on the project, but the cover art was so awesome, we really couldn’t wait to hold a printed copy in-hand. Two years later, that day has finally come — we’re pleased to announce that a paperback edition is now available for only $8.99 through It’s Krampus-flavored horror, just in time for the 2015 holiday season.

About the book: Alex Brandt’s life is the stuff of lore and legend, but not the fairytale one would welcome. The sole survivor of the Krampusnacht Massacre, Alex was shipped away to America on the heels of tragedy. Childhood trauma followed him to an adulthood plagued with fear and self-doubt. The horror of his past affects him so deeply each holiday season that his girlfriend urges him to resolve his issues once and for all.

Seeking closure to the Christmas tragedy, with the help of his uncle and a retired German police officer, Alex returns to the scene of the crime in Bavaria. But what lurks in the Alpine darkness on the snow-swept mountain slopes knows Alex has come back, and it’s seeking some closure of its own…


SHAMIAN GATE Now Available in Trade Paperback and eBook Editions


SHAMIAN GATE by Fulbright & Hawkes. Cover illustration by Sean Jun.

This is just a quick post to remind folks that SHAMIAN GATE, a new novella by Fulbright & Hawkes, is now available in trade paperback and ebook editions through

A quick comment before I post the book details; this book is not our typical horror fare, although it certainly has elements of what I’ve come to think of as our traditional hallmarks. It was born, in part, from an exciting and emotional time, when we were in a country far away, thousands of miles away from home, meeting a girl who knew us only as strangers, scared and uncertain, with a long road of challenges ahead. I dare say that the true story is far more challenging than the book was to write, but, destinations aside, the journey yields its own rewards. I sincerely hope that folks enjoy this tale in whatever place it meets them.

About the book: “For centuries Shamian Gate has waited. Legends say that a scroll of powerful magic was hidden beyond the gate in order to protect the world from the disaster that would occur should this power fall into the wrong hands. Only one key can unlock Shamian Gate. Throughout the ages, an order of monks has searched China for this key so the gate could be unlocked, and the secrets of the scroll revealed.

“Traveling to the Anhui Province, Jeff and Ashley Russell know nothing about this key or the gate, but the two Americans find themselves thrust into the midst of an ancient mystery when they adopt a Chinese orphan. Trapped in the heart of red China with no one to trust, they struggle to stay alive and save the boy they traveled so far and waited so long to call ‘son’. Drawn into the legend’s black shadow, menaced by the secret order, only one thing can save them—and the world—from the horrors that lie in wait beyond the Shamian Gate.”


New Online Project REALMS OF NIGHT


Logo for my new web project, Realms of Night, featuring online horror cover art and more

I thought I’d better stop in and knock the dust off my blog.  I’m guilty as hell of neglecting my own site while gallivanting across the Interwebz doing other, more interesting stuff. One of the “more interesting stuffs” is a new web project that I launched a couple of months ago: REALMS OF NIGHT.

I seriously hope horror fans will find this site to be a cool place to hang their hockey masks and stay awhile. It’s primarily an online gallery of cover scans from my book and magazine collection. So, mostly horror art, some pulp stuff, comics (eventually), mystery and suspense, too.  It’s a constant work in progress, and, as I mentioned, I’m just kind of getting started, but there is enough cool stuff up there now to consume an hour or so of idle entertainment. Kick back with a cold one, stop in and surf, maybe leave a comment or two. We don’t bite … hard.

The idea for Realms of Night spawns from my desire to share my collection with folks without having people come to my house. This appeals to both my anti-social nature as well as my need to commisserate with like-minded individuals, serious fans of the genres I enjoy. I don’t by any means have the greatest collection in the world, but I do have a decent collection of 1980s horror paperbacks, magazines, a few rare hardcovers, pulp mags, and other stuff I thought I’d like to scan and categorize online for the world to browse.

If you enjoy clicking through galleries of horror and dark fantasy cover art, I hope you’ll stop by the site, subscribe, and follow us on Twitter @RealmsOfNight1.