ELDERWOOD MANOR is “Dark and Atmospheric, Very Scary”

ELDERWOOD MANOR, DarkFuse, July 2014, cover design by Zach McCain
ELDERWOOD MANOR by Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes, published by DarkFuse July 2014, cover design by Zach McCain

Our new horror novella from DarkFuse, ELDERWOOD MANOR is now available in limited hardcover and Kindle editions. This is my personal favorite of all of our novellas so far, tapping into all the things I love about creeping menace and old school horror. We set out to write a story that evoked a genuine sense of fear, and, judging by the buzz, it seems people are “getting it.” Here are just a few snippets from recent reviews:

“Dark and atmospheric horror … very scary.”
—The Examiner

“It is very rare for something to truly scare or creep me out, but this did it. I found early on in the story that I was huddling in on myself as I read and freezing at even the slightest noises from inside and outside my house. I had to put on something upbeat and funny on the television after I had finished in an attempt to stave off nightmares.”
The Arched Doorway

“ELDERWOOD MANOR was one of the few novellas I read this year that really managed to creep me out. Definitely recommended.”
I Heart Reading

“ELDERWOOD MANOR is a great haunted house/dark family secrets/evil-has-tainted-this-place story. There are no slow points. From a graceful, foreboding opening, the tension is ratcheted up at just the right points and the suspense is kept at the perfect pitch. This book kept me on my toes, wide-eyed and fingers-crossed almost from beginning to end.”
Coffee and Book Addict.com

“Fulbright and Hawkes bring this tale to life with some fine writing, a brooding sense of overpowering doom, a nice pace … ELDERWOOD MANOR is another fine addition to their body of work.”
—James Reasoner, Rough Edges

“Striking touches of originality … it engendered a shudder or two.”
Black Static Magazine #41

“If you are looking for something that keeps you turning the pages quickly and that will creep you out in many ways, I highly recommend this.”
On Top Down Under

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