Zebra Interviews Published in Cemetery Dance #72

Cemetery Dance #72, February 2015
Cemetery Dance #72, February 2015

It’s no news that I’m a fan of all breeds of 1980s horror fiction. I have a massive collection of paperbacks. They line the walls from floor to ceiling in our bedroom. My wife is fond of telling the kids, “If there’s an earthquake, look for me under the Richard Laymon section.”

A couple of years ago, I got to thinking that I’d like to do some interviews with authors who worked for different publishers during the 1980s. I had already done a feature on my blog about some of the Leisure paperbacks of the time, so I thought I’d move on to Zebra books. In February 2013, I picked a few authors whose work I enjoyed and pinged them to gauge their interest.

Much to my pleasure, all three authors I asked — C. Dean Andersson, Ronald Kelly, and Rick Hautala — agreed to interviews. The conversations went far better than I hoped (you never know what you might dredge up talking to a writer about past publishing experiences). It took me several weeks to compile the interviews into an article suitable for submission.

Then, on March 21, 2013, Rick Hautala passed away. The horror community lost another great writer, someone who, in my brief contact with him, seemed to be a genuinely great guy with a wealth of experience. Now, almost two years later, those interviews have been published in Cemetery Dance #72. I sincerely hope the article serves not only as a fun and informative trip down memory lane for fans of horror fiction, but also as an homage to Rick and his contribution to the genre.

Please check out the Cemetery Dance website for more about this issue and ordering information.

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