New Horror Novella Available for Pre-order

THE MIDNIGHT ORDER by Christopher Fulbright, DarkFuse, May 2015

My new horror novella THE MIDNIGHT ORDER is due out from DarkFuse in May 2015, but the Kindle edition is now available for pre-order direct from Amazon. Order now and save 15% off the regular list price.

About the book: To say ex-porn star Nikki Lane has led a troubled life is putting it mildly. She’s abused every human vice from here to Hell and back again—she’s given herself to men, alcohol, drugs and pain. But now she’s ready to face her demons, to snatch her life back from the dark pit of depravity.

Looking for a place to get away from it all, Nikki seeks the advice of an old friend who belongs to an exclusive group of recovering individuals called the Midnight Order, who promise to siphon the evil from her very soul in a remote castle on the East Coast.

But at nightfall, the paradise transforms into a bleak fortress of horror when the Order convenes its secret cleansing ceremonies. And the chilling price is more than Nikki’s willing to give as she’s forced to face her greatest demon yet.

What stalks the halls of the castle, the cliffs of the island, and the shores of the beach? What cruel payment is demanded from…the Midnight Order?

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