New Online Project REALMS OF NIGHT

Logo for my new web project, Realms of Night, featuring online horror cover art and more

I thought I’d better stop in and knock the dust off my blog.  I’m guilty as hell of neglecting my own site while gallivanting across the Interwebz doing other, more interesting stuff. One of the “more interesting stuffs” is a new web project that I launched a couple of months ago: REALMS OF NIGHT.

I seriously hope horror fans will find this site to be a cool place to hang their hockey masks and stay awhile. It’s primarily an online gallery of cover scans from my book and magazine collection. So, mostly horror art, some pulp stuff, comics (eventually), mystery and suspense, too.  It’s a constant work in progress, and, as I mentioned, I’m just kind of getting started, but there is enough cool stuff up there now to consume an hour or so of idle entertainment. Kick back with a cold one, stop in and surf, maybe leave a comment or two. We don’t bite … hard.

The idea for Realms of Night spawns from my desire to share my collection with folks without having people come to my house. This appeals to both my anti-social nature as well as my need to commisserate with like-minded individuals, serious fans of the genres I enjoy. I don’t by any means have the greatest collection in the world, but I do have a decent collection of 1980s horror paperbacks, magazines, a few rare hardcovers, pulp mags, and other stuff I thought I’d like to scan and categorize online for the world to browse.

If you enjoy clicking through galleries of horror and dark fantasy cover art, I hope you’ll stop by the site, subscribe, and follow us on Twitter @RealmsOfNight1.

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