SHAMIAN GATE Now Available in Trade Paperback and eBook Editions

SHAMIAN GATE by Fulbright & Hawkes. Cover illustration by Sean Jun.

This is just a quick post to remind folks that SHAMIAN GATE, a new novella by Fulbright & Hawkes, is now available in trade paperback and ebook editions through

A quick comment before I post the book details; this book is not our typical horror fare, although it certainly has elements of what I’ve come to think of as our traditional hallmarks. It was born, in part, from an exciting and emotional time, when we were in a country far away, thousands of miles away from home, meeting a girl who knew us only as strangers, scared and uncertain, with a long road of challenges ahead. I dare say that the true story is far more challenging than the book was to write, but, destinations aside, the journey yields its own rewards. I sincerely hope that folks enjoy this tale in whatever place it meets them.

About the book: “For centuries Shamian Gate has waited. Legends say that a scroll of powerful magic was hidden beyond the gate in order to protect the world from the disaster that would occur should this power fall into the wrong hands. Only one key can unlock Shamian Gate. Throughout the ages, an order of monks has searched China for this key so the gate could be unlocked, and the secrets of the scroll revealed.

“Traveling to the Anhui Province, Jeff and Ashley Russell know nothing about this key or the gate, but the two Americans find themselves thrust into the midst of an ancient mystery when they adopt a Chinese orphan. Trapped in the heart of red China with no one to trust, they struggle to stay alive and save the boy they traveled so far and waited so long to call ‘son’. Drawn into the legend’s black shadow, menaced by the secret order, only one thing can save them—and the world—from the horrors that lie in wait beyond the Shamian Gate.”


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