ConDFW coming February 18-20

It’s time once again for one of our favorite local conventions. If you’re in the area and are a reader, a fan, a gamer, or any breed of living being with a remote interest in science fiction and fantasy, this is the place to be next weekend in the Dallas area!

ConDFW is a literary SF/F (with a sprinkle of horror) convention, scheduled to run from February 18-20, Friday through Sunday, at the Crown Plaza Dallas Park Central. Guests of Honor this year include Tim Powers, Brandon Sanderson, Jack McDevitt, and Brad Foster.

Angeline Hawkes and I will be guests again this year, participating in panels on Saturday and Sunday. I’m bringing copies of my new book THE BONE TREE for a reading and signing.

My current schedule looks like this:

11am – Run! These Aren’t Your Parents’ Shambling Zombies

1pm – The Psychology of Terror: Trends in Horror

3pm – Reading (Surrey Room, 2nd Floor)

5pm – Signing (Autograph Table Outside the Dealer’s Room)

6pm – Dracula vs. Edward: What has happened to Vampires?

2pm – Mythological Sources: Assyrian and Babylonian Mythology

If you’re in the area and have time to stop by, we’ll see you there. For more information on ConDFW, click here. Have a good weekend!

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