Yet another blog …

This is the last one. I swear.

To date, I have killed three blogs. The first one, Black Metal Mornings, was a series of rants about a bunch of crap nobody was really interested in except me and a few friends. And even some of my friends were faking it, I think. It died when I maliciously deleted it off the server where it lived without saving even one of the entries. A combination of some really boring and painful stuff on that one. I swore I’d never start one again.

So a couple years later I started a new one, An American Jedi in Texas, and it was just going to be light-hearted little stories and things like that. Two months after I started it, I got laid off from one of the worst jobs I’ve ever had, and I was depressed. So much for that. I think I made, like, two posts. It still drifts in cyberspace to this day, utterly forgotten by all three people who read it. One of whom was probably my mom.

The third, and easily the best one, was Metal Ninja. It used to be linked from my current site. But while it had some good stuff, I think, it also had some very painful and personal stuff that I no longer wanted posted for the world to see. I saved all of those posts, and deleted that one too.

Now, here we are, my fourth and final blog. I swear this is the last one. To try and ensure its continued survival, I’ve got some ground rules for this one. I won’t bother to write them down here, because I’ll probably just break them.

On we go …

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