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This week ended on some high notes. Things looked grim to be sure, but by Friday I could really see the light at the end of the tunnel. My day job has been as close to a living hell as it has ever been for the past three weeks straight. One of several training manuals that I’m writing has been beset by all manner of evils, so much so that I’d begun to think that some sort of hex had been placed on me by enemies unknown. Add to that the fact that my work machine is cratering, started to corrupt some of my FrameMaker files, and my neighbor in the cube farm noted that my hard drive sounds similar to a poorly maintained weed eater. Helpdesk finally called and talked to me personally, assuring me that I would have a new computer by the early part of next week. My old computer will then move on to a promising future as a boat anchor.

On Wednesday I turned 35. Not quite sure how I feel about that. Pretty indifferent I suppose. I’m no longer in my early thirties. I can get away with saying I’m in my mid 30’s for another couple years, but after that it’s late 30’s and beyond. That’s okay I guess. In many respects, my life is so much better than it ever was, and many men “in the know” tell me that the 40’s will be much better than the 30’s. I guess by then I’m supposed to have it all figured out or something. I’ll be distinguished, and established, and be a “career man.” Hmm. Okay. I did have a great birthday, though, thanks primarily to Angie, who did wonderful things for me, not the least of which was make me this awesome cake, and a wonderful dinner.

This weekend we went to our first Allcon ( I heard of the con last year from Ethan Nahte, a great guy who I met through Robert E. Howard Days a few years ago and continue to see at local cons. [On a side note, he’s also been working hard on a Robert E. Howard documentary that you can learn more about by visiting his website]

Angie and I braved the pouring rain this afternoon and headed down to check things out. We got our photo with Lord Vader, and visited with Jimmy, Rhonda, Ed, and Mike at the FenCon table (check them out here

The dealer’s room was pretty cool, and they had some sci-fi celebrity guests, a couple of which were still hanging around by the time we wandered through. It’s amazing how different some of those folks look from their roles in movies. One guy came around the table, trying to look all dashing and stuff with an eye for Angie, and I looked down at his celebrity photos and had to do a double-take before I realized it was the same fella. I thought, “Dude, stick with the make up.” Apparently, in addition to starring in some fantasy and sci-fi shows nobody watched, he also played, like, the third stormtrooper from the left in one of the six Star Wars movies.

Anyway, some of the celebrities there included Nalini Krishan, Bill Blair, and James Horan. Crow artist James O’Barr was there, too, but unfortunately he wasn’t at his table as we wandered through. Overall, the most entertaining event we witnessed was the Ms. Star Wars competition, officiated by a guy in a bad wig and wedding dress, and his sidekick who made a pretty convincing Dark Helmet. We watched the light saber assembly event, followed by the deflection of bullets fired at them by a stormtrooper with a Nerf gun.

Next on our event list is Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains in June. For more information on Howard Days, check out the REHUPA website at

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