Life in the Cubefarm

It’s a happy day, for the Helpdesk gods have smiled upon me. My new PC sits here before me, and of course I’ve put it to good use right away, ensuring that it is capable of surfing all necessary message boards, downloading my Yahoo and MSN chat clients, and linking to all of my coveted spots on the World Weird Web, saving them in my Favorites for a rainy day. See, I just knew there was light at the end of the tunnel. Now if only this gigantic pile of work that had been sitting here while my old machine crashed had packed itself up and gone elsewhere, there would be cause to rejoice.

Not much to report on the publishing end, which isn’t all that out of the ordinary these days. I have a handful of stories propping up slush piles on various editors’ desks, and I did send out my collection to another publisher last weekend with fingers crossed. I do have an S&S story scheduled to appear to in upcoming anthology that I can’t mention yet because it’s top secret, and received an invitation last month to an REH commemorative anthology for which I need to write a story starting this weekend. No guaranteed acceptance of course, but it’s nice to get an invitation.

In the real world (outside of my cubicle), life goes on with its various trials and rewards. Thus far I’ve managed to draw strength from the good and put the bad into the “don’t think about it–just deal with it” category. If we can just make it through this next few months, then life will even out. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway. Of course, I’ve been telling myself that for years. But there’s always hope that this time, it will be true.

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